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Drone Management

As the number of drones for professional and recreational use irresistibly increases, concerns equally rise on aeronautical and public safety and homeland security. Authorities and stakeholders have urgently to act with regulatory adaptations and the implementation of appropriate safety and traffic management tools. From their side, drone users are demanding a clear, legal framework for flying drones and real-time information on no-fly-zones and other restrictions.

Drone registration, user-friendly flight approval mechanisms, geo-fencing and drone traceability are some of the tools that can form a drone information management system in line with the ultimate objective of a future Unmanned Aerial Systems Traffic Management (UTM) system.

Based on our expertise towards dynamic databases and licensing processes and the experience of our subsidiary Colibrex as drone operator, we have invested ahead of the curve and launched, together with Colibrex, Drone-Flight-Check. The Drone-Flight-Check is a drone information and drone traffic management database and app for enhanced safety and regulation.

Further services and products from technology partners in the field of drone identification and drone surveillance round up our activities towards drone management.


Modern Drone Management Solutions

Drone Identification

Learn more about the benefits for authorities and drone users

Drone-Flight-Check enables authorities not only to create a database to get users and their drones properly registered, but also to efficiently manage flight approvals. The key of this concept is to dynamically link the registration database and the individual flight lease requests of the users to an area database where all no-fly-zones or limited fly-zones are centralized and updated. This concept offers a new level of safety as users not only get a tool to verify where and when they can fly, but also have to get a "green light" before starting their operation. The processes of the light lease requests can be automated. In addition, the system provides authorities with the possibility to track and verify the authorization of a drone while in operation. The concept also pre-empts the way of a future UTM!

Key features and advantages for authorities:

  • Centralized database with all registered drones and users
  • Option to implement a flight registration fee structure
  • Full control of no-fly zones establishment
  • No-fly-zones import/export functionality in the working process with the various stakeholders (CAA, Ministry of Interior, …)
  • Ability to define temporary no-fly-zones
  • Ability to define varying  categories and sub-categories of flight rights
  • Automated processing of standard flight lease queries (according to the legal framework in place)
  • Manual processing for specific situations or drone categories

With the Drone-Flight-Check, users will not only get a comfortable application to register their drones but especially a tool helping them to operate safely and in total legality. Thanks to a map showing all no-fly-zones planning of a mission becomes easier. And after having prepared and sent a flight lease request to the authorities via the Drone-Flight-Check app, the user receives an official approval for its operation, or a flight lease rejection which should prevent him to fly in a non-authorized area. Depending on the classification of users (recreational, professional) and drones different levels of authorization might be granted.

Key features and advantages for drone users:

  • User-friendly app for registration of user(s) and drone(s) according to the defined classification
  • Additional pilot registration for commercial operators
  • Easier preparation of mission thanks to the updated map of no-fly-zones / restricted fly-zones
  • Easy definition of the targeted flight zones (use of polygons/circles or coordinates and radius as well as maximum altitude)
  • Guarantee to operate according to the rules in place as soon as a flight lease request has been approved
  • Download of flight authorization and potential flight restrictions in the app and/or directly in Drone-ID (according to the legal framework in place)
  • Ability to directly load the geo-fencing data into the drone’s autopilot

Drone Surveillance

How does drone surveillance work?

Drone information management will be combined with detect and avoid (D&A) solutions to provide an ultimate level of safety and to form the core of a future UAS-Management (UTM) system.

Prerequisite for such an approach is to equip the drones with an electronic drone-ID.
As part of the Drone-Flight-Check system we do offer a solution of drone-ID or can alternatively integrate third-party ID-technologies. Please consult us for more details.

Identifying illegal drones, for example around sensitive sites, is another critical issue for public, aeronautical but also homeland security. We have selected industry leading manufacturers of drone detection solutions and can thus offer you the appropriate equipment as part of our global offer in drone management and surveillance.

In addition to a drone traffic management system that shall properly regulate the activities of drones, the protection of sensitive sites, especially against illegal drones, has also to be considered by the authorities as part of a modern electronic drone defense system. Counter-UAV-systems are then the ultimate solutions in terms of “prosecution” measures.

Counter-UAV actions shall follow below process:

Detection > Identification > Information Distribution & Decision > Reaction

LS telcom has the expertise in various technologies used in Counter-UAV solutions (frequency jamming, GPS spoofing, …) and has partnered with industry leader manufacturers to offer appropriate solutions. Please consult us for more details.

Whether with our own Drone-Flight-Check system, or with technological modules based for example on our expertise in high dynamic database processes, we want to actively participate in the evolving drone information management industry and the creation of UAS Traffic Management Systems (UTM). Do not hesitate to contact us even if you are in a early stage of definition and implementation of drone management solutions.

Our consulting expertise encompasses drone surveillance with solutions or recommendations for drone identification, traceability up to Counter-UAV systems.

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