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Indoor Network Planning with


iBwave Design is the leading software in automating all in-building network design planning activities, accuracy and productivity when working on indoor wireless projects. The software covers the design and analysis of both cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

You can start your initial design by importing floor plans for an accurate view of your building, edit the floor plans to reflect the building’s physical environment when required, and add annotations to capture the building's materials and RF characteristics. Work with the network components database to simulate your distributed antenna system, dragging and dropping components and interconnections for your network and assessing their cost-benefit impact on coverage quality.

Network validation and advanced calculations let you verify the soundness of your assumptions through error checking, compliance verification and uplink and downlink calculations.

You can output a bill of materials for an accurate estimate of costs and the equipment needed and also access a full range of reports, notes on changes, equipment lists and comparisons of predictions with measured data reports.