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Smart Solutions In

Critical Radio Communications & Private Networks

We make it work when you need it most

We are experts in critical communications radio network planning and optimization

Professional users of various applications in public safety, PPDR, transportation, utilities, and other industries must be able to rely on safe, highly available, resilient, and cost-efficient radio coverage indoor and outdoor.

Each step in the planning of a critical communications system requires its respective expert supported by the right software and hardware to achieve scope, schedule and cost goals.

Project Lifecycle Support for Critical Communication Networks

Our Smart Solutions for Critical Radio Communications & Private Networks

Technology Consulting

Working hand in hand with our customers is a top priority of our highly trained consultants. They know how to transform their competencies and experience into your benefit.

Planning & Optimization Services

We assist you to ensure that your radio networks are fit for purpose, and operating effectively.

Indoor Coverage

Only a detailed and high-quality planning and design concept will guarantee optimal indoor coverage and the best possible integration with the outdoor network. We assist you during the design, planning, procurement and implementation of your indoor radio system.

Network Planning Software

LS telcom is a leading international supplier of software for radio network planning, design, optimization and coordination.

Smart Outsourcing Services

Focus on your core business and outsource radio frequency and spectrum management tasks.

Smart Measurement Services

Spectrum monitoring & surveillance for your critical radio services.

We Provide Critical Communications to

Public Safety

Mobile networks for security applications in particular have to be available indoor as well as outdoor.

Airports, Ports & Hubs

We design and plan all kinds of radio frequency networks for the transportation sector.


Rely on our team of radio engineers, technology experts and business analysts who have long-term experience in planning all kinds of networks for the utilities’ industries.

Industries / Oil & Gas

Our experts help you to ensure smooth, constant and reliable communication within your manufacturing environment.