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Spectrum Management

In line with the diversification and commercialization of radio technologies there has been a constant increase in demand for frequency spectrum and its commercial value. The arrival of 5G is another leap towards a greater variety of wireless applications, more connected objects and yet more, and new spectrum users, such as from vertical markets and of the Internet of Things (IoT).
National regulatory authorities and network operators are under increasing pressure to make sure the radio spectrum is used efficiently.
New spectrum distribution methods will be introduced, such as spectrum trading, dynamic frequency lease and whitespace management and to support 5G, there should be a greater mix of attribution methods used.  Sure, this will have an impact on operational processes and spectrum management systems. Automated systems have to deal with an increasing number of incoming applications and the associated data volumes.

Watch the Spectrum Management Story

LS telcom has been in business since the very beginning of automated spectrum management and has grown with the market. We combine sound knowledge and expertise in the spectrum management profession with the most advanced software and information technology available.

Our Spectrum Management System Solutions

SPECTRA - Spectrum Management System

Our automated and integrated spectrum management system SPECTRA covers the full administrative and technical procedures of spectrum management.

The system consists of a central database and a set of various software modules. The modularity of the SPECTRA System allows for solutions, which are tailored entirely to the customer’s requirements.

The engineering, spectrum planning, and spectrum monitoring modules are commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) to the advantage of the customer, who benefits from continuous software enhancements and timely implementation. Application and license management, on the other hand, are specifically adapted to fulfill the exact requirements of the organization.

Our highly modern SPECTRA Enterprise IT system provides regulators with fully automated workflow-based e-government capabilities in spectrum management. Combined with our flexible spectrum monitoring system, it is one of the most advanced systems for spectrum inventory and data mining, enabling highest spectrum efficiency. It integrates with third-party products, such as auction, CRM and Financial Management Systems.

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Dynamic Spectrum Access

The need for much more efficient spectrum use has intensified sharply with the boom in demand for wireless data. Every regulator is looking now on license shared access, dynamic spectrum access and whitespace management.

Our Dynamic Spectrum Database System is already implemented and proven and is ready for use by you now. The core of our Dynamic Spectrum Access System is the geo-database that communicates with end devices and with licensing databases to enable the automated allocation of free channels.

The system is based on our long-term experience in database systems for spectrum management. We are, for example, one of the approved suppliers for the FCC TV bands database system and contributed to the definition of their specifications.

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Digital Mapping Data

All spectrum planning and optimization tools rely on accurate data input. Besides information about transmitters, receivers, devices, equipment, antennas, etc., this includes also digital mapping data. Digital terrain and land usage models provide the basis for the technical analyses (e.g. line of sight checks, coverage and interference assessments, etc.) and images, such as street maps or satellite photographs, are used for orientation and visualization purposes.

Rely on our long-term experience

LS telcom is able to support you in the selection of the required mapping data and provides you with a high quality data package that is required for your daily work.

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Our Spectrum Management Consulting Services

Spectrum Consulting

Demand for wireless connectivity is growing, but the amount of radio spectrum available is fixed. The result is that there is increasing pressure on regulators and spectrum users to be as efficient as possible in the way in which frequencies are allocated, assigned and managed.

How we can assist

Our spectrum consulting team works with those involved in managing and using the radio spectrum to help address the issues they face. From pricing to predictions, from strategy to services, our team can help you find a way through the maze of often conflicting technical, commercial, economic and social requirements, to a solution that is right for you.

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Spectrum Management-as-a-Service

While certain regulatory tasks are common across the world, some of them, such as application and license management, have to be adapted to country-specific, regional, local or organizational specifications and requirements.

Take the load off your shoulders. Let our experts manage your radio spectrum in the most efficient way

Our spectrum management experts have worked with over 100 regulators and spectrum users worldwide and have an unparalleled view of the various solutions and best practice employed in spectrum management.

Whether your requirement is to ensure the radio environment around a venue (such as an airport), or to take away the burden of issuing licenses or approvals, LS telcom's spectrum management as a service team can efficiently and effectively handle these needs for you. By letting our trained professionals deal with these tasks, it leaves you free to concentrate on your core business, whether it be operating a shipping port or oil refinery, or taking important decisions on the use of the radio spectrum for your country.

Capacity Building

Modern spectrum management requires a fusion of different skill-sets from technical to economic, and increasingly from commercial to political. It is therefore imperative that those staff working in the field of radio spectrum have the necessary skills to interact effectively with others in the industry.

Give your staff the facets to sparkle

Many staff working in the field of spectrum management may have some of the necessary skills, however it is rare that they have all of them. LS telcom's extensive spectrum training courses can ensure that you are fully informed of all the important topics whether they be technical, regulatory or economic. In addition to our public courses which already cover a wide range of subjects, our expert trainers can also devise a training program to suit your specific needs and budget.

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