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Spectrum Monitoring

The introduction of new spectrum distribution methods and the increasing use of frequencies in the higher bands entail more demand for spectrum monitoring and a change in monitoring techniques away from the traditional monitoring based on large stations.

More and more use is made of frequencies in the higher bands in order to gain in bandwidth and capacity. The use of 5.8 GHz frequencies and above allow for very short frequency reuse distances. The decreased cell radius together with the lower power that come along with the use of higher frequencies necessitate a radical change in monitoring.

As the receive radius for high frequency low power signals within urban areas decreases often below a 1 km range, the new monitoring devices have to adapt to this.

Watch the LS OBSERVER Story

Instead of deploying few, large-sized and costly, fixed monitoring stations not being able to detect high frequencies at low power over a large area, there is a new demand for small and smart sensors, which can be placed anywhere in a narrow mesh network to detect any interference, as short and localized it may be.

In order to guarantee smooth operation of dynamic / temporary spectrum access, whitespace databases and other spectrum distribution methods, the monitoring has to be continuous. Monitoring stations should ideally measure 24h/7days non-stop throughout the year and record all the monitored data.

We are experts in spectrum monitoring and offer all the products and services you may need:


Distributed sensor-based spectrum monitoring system for continuous monitoring, data storage and analysis. Detect and locate any interference 24/7 and in the past!

Spectrum Monitoring-as-a-Service

If you don’t have spectrum monitoring devices and monitoring experience in-house - outsource to us!

System integration

We build customized spectrum monitoring systems, from single stations integrated on any platform to regional and nationwide monitoring networks.

  • How many spectrum monitoring stations do I need?
  • Which type of station is the most suitable for my particular monitoring exercise?

Combined system solutions

We combine spectrum monitoring with spectrum management systems for data inventory and improvement of data in the spectrum license database. The combined spectrum management and spectrum monitoring system is the real leap forward in spectrum efficiency.

Our Spectrum Monitoring System Solutions

LS OBSERVER - Sensor Based Spectrum Monitoring System

LS OBSERVER is a spectrum monitoring, intelligent data collection and analysis system, for:

  • Continuous national spectrum monitoring and control, spectrum inventory and efficient spectrum use
  • Radio surveillance and control of

    • Borders
    • Airports
    • Special events, critical sites, VIP protection
    • Critical communications networks

  • Network coverage measurements (including indoor, such as tunnels)
  • EMF measurements
  • Detection of whitespaces
  • Geolocation and direction finding to locate interfering, illegal or enemy transmitters
  • Military Use

More about LS OBSERVER for civilian use...

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DF Time Travel®

Conventional Direction Finding, as it has been used for decades, is a live method, which requires signals to be in the air to locate them “live”.
LS telcom has now developed a new and unique approach to direction finding, DF Time Travel®. This innovative method performs direction finding in the past. Integrated in LS OBSERVER and the new AOA 100 antenna system, it is capable to perform Direction Finding in the past. You can thus detect the source of transmission from past measurements. While scanning the radio frequency spectrum continuously, LS OBSERVER together with DF Time Travel® does not only store frequency/level/time information but also direction information, which are stored within the monitoring units for many months.

You receive complaints about interference that occurred in the past (and that may occur again)?

No problem at all, as you find the location of the transmitting source in the stored data and you can react immediately. No need to set up a direction finding campaign in the hope the interference occurs again to locate its source.

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Spectrum Analytics®

When big data, data mining and deep learning meet spectrum monitoring, this is called Spectrum Analytics®. This unique technology, developed by LS telcom over many years, provides advanced capabilities to record, analyze and automate processing of spectrum data:

  • Big Data > obtain “big data” by recording the RF information and storing it in a database for many years, accumulating more and more data
  • Data Mining > mine into recorded data, extract specific data sub-sets, process the data, analyze it, calculate technical parameters and set up statistics…
  • Deep Learning > implement specific algorithms/calculations, process data continuously, automate tasks and business processes

More about Spectrum Analytics®

SpectrumMap is a cloud based big data system, which gathers real spectrum usage data from monitoring devices and presents it on a map in a fast, user-friendly way. The system utilizes spectrum data from many sources, such as fixed sites, temporary sites, mobile, handheld and portable devices. The LS OBSERVER monitoring units are ideally suited for the monitoring data collection, but also third party monitoring devices may be integrated and used.

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Our Spectrum Monitoring Consulting Services

Monitoring System Integration

We offer monitoring system integration services.
Our experts have rich experience in integrating all kinds of monitoring and direction finding stations and in building completely customized solutions for client specific requests for a wide range of monitoring applications for:

  • Civilian regulatory monitoring
  • The military
  • Airports
  • Border control
  • Maritime security / coast guards
  • Critical sites / VIP protection
  • Transportable and mobile solutions

We integrate monitoring systems on any kind of platform and implement complete regional and national monitoring networks.

Our system integration team consists of experts with skills in computer-assisted design, mechanical design, electrical design, electronics, spectrum monitoring and logistics, matching the skill set necessary for successful monitoring system integration.

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Spectrum Monitoring-as-a-Service

You need to survey the frequency environment of critical sites or for special events? You need to geo-locate the source of your interference? You are in dire need to know which frequencies are really in use? For successful spectrum monitoring you do not only need the suitable radio monitoring equipment and define the best locations to place your devices. You also need monitoring data analysis and reporting software as well as monitoring experts for analyzing the huge amount of measured data to provide the results you’re looking for.

LS telcom measures and monitors frequencies for you

If you don’t have spectrum monitoring devices and spectrum monitoring experience in-house, have you thought about outsourcing to LS telcom?

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Capacity Building

No matter whether you are at the beginning of your career, or a senior radio monitoring operator: LS telcom’s training academy provides a large choice of theoretical and practical training in the field of spectrum monitoring. Provided by subject matter experts with long-term experience, trainees can easily gain additional knowledge and improve their skills in sessions of usually one or two weeks. Our training offers a mix between theory and practice to make sure that the trainees will be capable of using the acquired knowledge when they are back in the office or in the field.

The Training of Your Choice

Training from scratch or in-depth and specialized training for senior spectrum monitoring experts, standard courses or customized training, click here for more information.

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