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Spectrum Regulation

Historically a technical domain, today's spectrum regulators are increasingly having to consider economic and social issues when managing the radio spectrum. In addition to the ongoing need to undertake technical studies, techniques including pricing, auctions, trading, dynamic and licensed spectrum access are being used to try and ensure that the radio spectrum is used as efficiently as possible. With the dawning of 5G, an even greater focus is being brought to issues such as sharing, and to the way in which spectrum will be licensed in future particularly at frequencies in the millimeter Wave bands.

Our software and hardware systems and consulting services underpin regulators’ efforts in all these areas; from spectrum policy development, spectrum management, to radio monitoring and enforcement, as well as radio engineering and coverage planning. We can also operate spectrum management and monitoring services for you, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

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Products and Services for Efficient Spectrum Regulation

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Our Consulting Services

Spectrum Consulting

Spectrum policy is about a lot more than just frequencies and transmitters; it is about services and people. Our consultants address not only the technical issues but the social and economic implications of spectrum use, too.

Whilst the drive for spectrum efficiency is global, our solutions take into account regional and country-specific issues and sensitivities. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to optimizing spectrum use.
We have worked with over 100 spectrum regulators worldwide and we have an unparalleled view of the various solutions employed. When considering your issues, we can call upon our experience from around the world. We ensure that your solution addresses local issues as well as drawing upon the best international best practices.

We assist you with:

  • Sector policy development and renewal (telecoms, broadcasting, transport)
  • Spectrum strategy, policy, master planning and guidelines
  • Implementation of spectrum pricing and use of economic tools
  • Assessment of spectrum supply and demand
  • Spectrum and technology developments (whitespace, cognitive radio, LTE, re-farming)
  • Spectrum audits and inventory
  • Spectrum re-farming
  • Technical sharing, spectrum re-farming and compatibility analysis
  • Training and capacity building

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Radio Engineering

Technical issues remain at the heart of efficient spectrum management.

Assessing coverage, compatibility and co-existence, whether between national or cross-border services or technologies, is essential to avoid harmful interference. More and more users are looking at sharing as a way to retain their spectrum allocations. But sharing brings increased risk of interference. LS telcom has always been at the forefront of spectrum technology.

Our technical experts routinely solve complex engineering problems; analyze, plan and optimize networks; and model costs, capacity and coverage. They have vast experience of working with regulators in various countries across the world.

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Our System Solutions

Automated and Integrated Spectrum Management Systems

We entered the spectrum management market when it was still a sleepy backwater.

Today, almost 50 countries across all continents manage their national frequency spectrum with our software system SPECTRA.

Ofcom / UK, BNetzA / Germany, ISED / Canada, the ACMA/ Australia, SDPPI Indonesia, the Telecom Regulatory Authorities of Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have fully automated their spectrum management processes with SPECTRA.

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RF Monitoring & Enforcement

We provide distributed radio frequency monitoring systems for evidence-based law enforcement and more efficient spectrum allocation.

Our systems support regulators in

  • Interference detection
  • Direction finding and geo-location of illegal, unwanted, and faulty emitters
  • Identification and location of unused and underused frequencies
  • Spectrum inventory and spectrum optimization
  • EMF measurements
  • Enabling dynamic spectrum access

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Integrated Spectrum Management and Monitoring Solution

Radio frequency monitoring is an essential and integral part of the spectrum management process. Our integrated spectrum management and monitoring solution helps spectrum managers in their day-to-day work.

Spectrum managers can compare real-time spectrum measurement data with data in the spectrum license database to:

  • Increase data accuracy of the license database
  • Identify frequency bands, in which efficiency can be improved

On the other hand, monitoring staff having access to license data may correlate license data with measurement data to identify illegal spectrum use.

The combination of the spectrum licensing database, radio frequency monitoring hardware and software for data analysis and storage, makes this a unique solution providing data mining and data analysis in spectrum management for:

  • Better spectrum planning
  • Evidence-based regulation and spectrum policy making