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Defense & Security

The electromagnetic spectrum has become an essential and key enabler - invisible but critical. Available and secure electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) is the key to mission success. Electronic warfare (EW) underpins friendly dominance and use of the EMS within the electromagnetic (EM) environment, facilitating friendly use of capabilities and sensors at a time and place of our choosing.

LS telcom provides focused technological system solutions and consulting services to achieve EM environment dominance.

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> SPECTRAmil - The Military’s Automated Spectrum Management and Electronic Warfare System

the integrated net-centric system for operational and strategic spectrum management, mission planning and electronic warfare, to establish spectrum superiority.

> LS OBSERVER - Sensor Based Monitoring System for Defense & Security

enables the interception, measurement, geolocation, DF and storage of all the collected spectrum data for Real-, Near Real- or Post Event data analysis and processing (such as data mining, data comparison).

Consulting Services

LS telcom also provides comprehensive consulting services in the area of Electronic Warfare, spectrum and frequency management, spectrum surveillance and direction finding. In the past, LS telcom has consulted military institutions, Ministries and major military suppliers addressing future spectrum demand, operational spectrum management, military spectrum usage, spectrum monitoring, etc.

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